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Another great rally!!  That is the conclusion from our visit to Southeastern Arizona. There were lots of activities. We visited Benson, Tombstone, Gammon Gulch, (visit the webpage and view the group photo at the gallows in Gammon Gulch), Bisbee, Chiracahua National Monument, Kartchner Caverns, Cochise Stronghold and many other side trips and events.

We all give Jim and Catherine Morrey great praise for the planning and serving as our wagon master for the rally. They really did a great job. All the details were covered down to the evening games in the club room.  

It is now time to turn our attention to the spring rally in Vernal Utah.  Details are included in the newsletter. It is time to call the RV Park and make your reservation! 

Spring Rally – Flaming Gorge / Vernal – June 4 - 9, 2019 

Our Spring Rally will be held in the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area and Dinosaur National Monument. We will be camping at the Fossil Valley RV Park in Vernal, Utah.  (999 West Highway 40) The webpage for the RV Park is www.fossilvalleyrvpark.com . 

You can make your reservations now by calling 435 789 6450. We have a hold on 15 sites. Talk to Blake or Dennis and be sure to tell them you are with the Red Rock Rovers. Also tell them if you have a satellite dish on your roof. The sites are all pull through sites either 60 or 80 ft long.

They will hold the sites until 30 days ahead but call as soon as you can to reserve your site.

Good Sam, AAA, Military discount

$42 a night for 50 amps, $40 for 30 amps 

Please email Nancy at LudmillaLilly@outlook.com when you have reserved your site. 

Tentative Schedule: 

Tuesday,  June 4

Opening night social - Pot luck dinner

Wednesday, June 5 

Leave from RV park at 9 am.  Visit Dinosaur National Monument

Vernal to Canyon Visitor Center is 36 miles, 37 minutes

Drive to Canyon Visitor Center (Utah side). Take the shuttle to see the Dinosaur Quarry Exhibit Hall. Rod and Nancy will stay at the visitor’s center and take care of the dogs.

Tour of the Tilted Rocks - 10 mile one way

Lunch at the Josie Morris Ranch

On the way back, we will go to Split Mountain and walk the River Trail. Dogs are allowed.

Thursday, June 6 

Leave the Park at 9 am for a tour of Fantasy Canyon – approximately 1 hour drive to Fantasy Canyon. Fantasy Canyon is a BLM managed area. Even though the area is only about 10 acres in size, it contains some of the most unusual geologic features in the world. Dogs are welcome.



Moonshine Arch - Moonshine Arch is a 2.9 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Vernal, Utah that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

For those wanting more adventure, we will go to the McConkie Ranch Petroglyphs. The rock art located up Dry Fork Canyon is world renowned and located along a 200-foot-high "Navajo Formation" sandstone cliff. Nowhere else can you see more petroglyphs in one area that are so easily accessible. There are trails that take you up close and personal were you can view figures up to 9 feet tall.


Dinner at the Vernal Brewing Company, 435-781-2337 

 Friday, June 7  - Flaming Gorge 

Vernal to Flaming Gorge is 37 miles, 47 minutes

Pontoon boat rental, raft trip or hike the Canyon Rim Trail. Still being planned.

If you have not already done so, please tell Nancy if you are interested in taking a pontoon boat on Flaming Gorge. We could rent a nice pontoon boat on Flaming Gorge with good chairs for a full day for $395 plus the cost of the fuel. The boat can hold 8 people. Pets are allowed on the boat. We could use the boat in 2 or more shifts so everyone would get at least 3 hours on the boat. We would divide the cost among everyone that goes, so if we had 16 people, the cost would be around $27 per person. 

Saturday, June 8

Pancake breakfast at 9 am. Bring a breakfast dish to share (fruit, bread, eggs, meat, etc) The chapter will provide pancakes.

Those that want to and have high clearance vehicles will drive to the Colorado entrance to Dinosaur National Monument. Go on Echo Park road to the river.


Other things to do:

·       Utah Field House of Natural History – great museum

·       Unitah County Heritage Museum

·       Jones Hole National Fish Hatchery, https://www.fws.gov/mountain-prairie/fisheries/jonesHole.php

·       John Jarvie Ranch

·       https://www.blm.gov/learn/interpretive-centers/john-jarvie-historic-ranch 

Email Nancy  (LudmillaLilly@outloook.com) after you have made your reservation and let her know so we have a count.                  

Summer Rally – Cody, Wyoming – August 6-11,  2019 

Cody is a great vacation location. Details will be provided later but the attractions we will be including are: 

A visit to or through Yellowstone National Park (you could extend your trip and spend several days in Yellowstone.
Visit the Buffalo Bill Center of the West – This is a great museum complex. It takes several days to see everything. In reality the Center is a combination of four different Museums.

  • Cody Firearms Museum (undergoing a major renovation for next year)
  • Museum of Western Art
  • Buffalo Bill Cody Museum
  • Natural History Museum

Take the Beartooth Pass scenic drive to Red Lodge, Montana. The drive takes you to an elevation of 10,947 ft. This is not for the RV’s.
Visit the Buffalo Bill Dam
Attend the Dan Miller’s Music Review that includes dinner in the Center of the West.
Visit several art galleries and other shops

Visit the Cody, Wyoming webpage for a full listing of activities and events - http://www.codyyellowstone.org/what-to-do/. 

This rally is timed so that attendees can drive on to the International FMCA Convention in Minot, North Dakota if you want. The Minot convention dates are August 14-17.  It is approximately a two day drive from Cody to Minot. 

Fall Rally – Tucson, Az – October 13 – 20 – 2019 

Our Fall Rally will be a combination of two events. We will first attend the Rocky Mountain Area Rally in Tucson. Following that rally we will  a extend for an RRR rally for three days. 

Rally Part B – Tucson is full of activates and we will plan three days of adventure in that city. The RRR Tucson rally can include visits to Sabino Canyon, the Air and Space Museum and the Sonora Desert Museum.

Rally Part A– We will join with the other FMCA chapters in the FMCA Rocky Mountain Area for the annual gathering. There will be details and a registration form in the FMCA Magazine. The rally will include exhibits, seminars, entertainment and RV displays.         

Winter Rally – Yuma, Az - 2020 

In early 2020 we will take off to Yuma, Arizona.  Obviously details will be provided later. We anticipate that we will visit the Territorial Prison and the Military Quartermasters compound. These two historical locations tell the story of the early Yuma area. Yuma was the last spot on the Colorado River that supply boats could float to. The army built a Quartermasters complex to supply all of the pioneer forts in the US southwest.                            

I am sure we will visit the Yuma Swap Meet. It is held every weekend and has all the junk you would want.  Some say they like it better than Quartzsite.           

We will also spend a day in Agodones Mexico. Yes it is very safe - even more so with the group. There is shopping of all kinds as well as restaurants and other attractions. Several members of the chapter go every year to Agodones for dental work, drugs, and other shopping. You will need your passports. Don’t miss the fish and shrimp tacos.        

Photos, information, instructions and tourist information about can be accessed at  https://delange.org/Los_Algodones_Baja_California_Mexico/Los_Algodones_Baja_California_Mexico.htm

One option being explored is to schedule the RRR Winter Chapter rally so chapter members can also stay out another week and attend the 101st FMCA International Convention and RV Exhibit. That event is scheduled for March 26-29, 2020 in Tucson. The International Rally is an event in and of itself. There will be several thousand coaches, numerous seminars, nightly entertainment, and a large number of vendors.

We normally schedule our Winter Rally in January or February. This option would delay that for a month or more but allow us to visit Yuma and the International Rally in Tucson.  If you have any opinion on this option, let Lea Ann or one of the other officers know.

Rally Part A – Tucson is full of activates and we will plan several days of adventure in that city. The RRR Tucson rally can include visits to Sabino Canyon, the Air and Space Museum and the Sonora Desert Museum.

Rally Part B – We will join with the other FMCA chapters in the FMCA Rocky Mountain Area for the annual gathering. There will be details and a registration form in the FMCA Magazine. The rally will include exhibits, seminars, entertainment and RV displays.           



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