Our Principles of Operation


1. Chapter Focus - Travel, Fun, Friends

2. Rallies - less often, more distant to new places than the traditional close-by monthly schedule of many other chapters (four rallies per year) - Living in St. George, we can travel all four seasons. We will go south in the winter and to the north and/or mountains in the summer.

3. Meetings - as necessary but informal, no pomp, no rituals, just fun. (One required per year).

4. Activities - organized and adventuresome with little emphasis on sitting in camp other than the evening campfire or after dinner gathering. We will plan some activities or events that will include costs or fees. Obviously, events with costs will be optional.

5. Hosting - everyone participates in planned meals and accepting responsibilities - While small committees may be formed to organize a rally, no traditional hosting assignment where a couple is assigned to prepare meals and host activities for everyone else is expected. What is expected is that we will all share the duties when asked and at each rally.

If anyone is interested in being a part of this Southwestern Utah FMCA chapter, please call Bob Williams at 435 817 3172 or pcwilliams@sisna.com


Red Rock Rovers

About the Red Rock Rovers

The Family Motor Coach Association was founded in 1963 to organize social activities, exchange motor coach information, and supply numerous benefits made possible, in part, by collective purchasing. FMCA chapters are the fun groups of the Association and provide members with the opportunity to use their coaches and enjoy the fellowship of friends with a common interest. Chapter gatherings or rallies, as they are called, are generally designed to take advantage of some specific function, attraction, or event that will be enjoyable to the majority of the members and are generally four or five days long.

The Red Rock Rovers chapter will plan a rally or outing four times a year. Rallies generally are held during the week. The Chapter will also participate in the International Rallies of FMCA and the Rocky Mountain Area Rambles. 

Our passion is travel, fun and friends