Red Rock Rovers

Membership Policies


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The Red Rock Rovers FMCA chapter shall have the following categories of membership:

Active Member: The number of active members (defined as a single coach) shall be limited to 35 on an annualized basis and each active member  shall:

     1. Be current in his/her membership fee as detailed in the chapter bylaws. The annual fee shall be $25 for the first year of membership and $20 thereafter. 

        2. Attend at least one Chapter rally during the membership year.

Inactive Member:  An active member may become inactive for one year in the following circumstances:

       1. The member pays his or her membership fee

       2. The member requests one year inactive status based upon one of the following condition:

               Illness prevents active involvement in chapter activities

              The member accepts a time-certain assignment that prevents the member from active involvement in chapter activities such as appointment or election to a civic responsibility, serving a religious mission, or accepting a work assignment that requires the member to move from the local geographical area. The inactive status may be renewed for one additional year but shall not exceed two years. The inactive member may return to active membership and will be reinstated regardless of the membership cap. 

Waiting List Member:  A potential member may attend one rally as a guest to explore their interest in membership. If interested, that individual may be placed, at his/her request, on a waiting list if there are no membership vacancies in the chapter. When a vacancy occurs, the individual most senior on the waiting list shall be invited to become an active member. No fees shall be accessed individuals on the waiting list. 

This membership standing rule replaces all previous standing rules on membership.

‚ÄčAdopted - April 25, 2007

FMCA membership is available to all Recreational Vehicle types including towables. This bylaw change was approved in 2017 by vote of the FMCA membership.